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Just released! UltraDrums. Farview Recording is pleased and proud to introduce you to UltraDrums, the newest release in the Farview Recording lineage of superb drum sample collections! You get an incredible 139 gogs of professionally recorded drum sounds, including cymbals. All of the snare drums and crash cymbals are recorded in stereo for a more realistic sound. UltraDrums also ships with wav files of every sample, so these sounds can easily be used with any sampler you own. Click HERE for more details

Rock Drums Volume III The 3rd installment of the Rock Drums drum sample series. With Rock Drums Volume III, you get 108 professionally recorded, processed and produced drum samples in both gog and wav format, compatible with all samplers and drum replacement programs! All drums sampled with more velocity layers to give a smoother, more realistic response! Ideal for the various sub-genres of rock music, but will also enhance and mix well in a wide variety of musical styles, such as country, R&B, funk, jazz, pop, gospel, amongst others. Highest production quality at a most affordable investment! Click HERE to learn all the incredible details!

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Farview Recording has built its enduring reputation in the industry on providing clients and customers with top-quality audio services and products, such as Rock Drums drum samples, at a very competitive, affordable and reasonable investment!

Farview Recording's owner and chief engineer, Jay Walsh, is committed to serving professional audio engineers the world round by offering the highest in quality and value! Jay Walsh is one of the premier audio recording and mixing engineers in Chicago and the Midwest.

Farview Recording's drum samples transforms your project into the masterpiece it was meant to be.

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