In an effort to makes sure everyone gets the most out of Rock Drums, I have come up with a list of things that might be helpful.

1. Remember to use the position control (for rock drums 2) with the snares. There are 4 different positions and they change the sound of the drum a lot.

2. The loudest hits trigger at -6db for RD2 and -2db for RD1. You might want to insert something in front of Drumagog to bring the level up so the harder hits get triggered.

3. Always make sure that all the check boxes (except Stealth mode) on the main page are checked. If you don't have dynamic tracking, dynamic multi-samples and random multi-samples checked, Drumagog fires the first hit in the series. This is the weakest hit in the Rock Drums gogs.

4. If you are using Cubase SX2 and up or Nuendo 2 and up, you can create a stereo track for the snare. Ctrl-drag the snare wave file to the new stereo audio track. Insert Drumagog on that track and you now have a stereo snare sound. Do not copy and paste the settings from a mono track to the stereo track. This will cause the track to play in mono.

5. Remember to use the pitch control to retune a drum that sounds close to what you want. This can make a snare that has the right feel bit the wrong tuning work in your mix.